Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Mission work

Thanks to all of you who have contributed your ideas and support for this site. We’re still in the formative stages and I want to encourage you to voice any and all comments, suggestions, etc.

At the moment, the plan is to focus this site on so called, “gifted and talented” kids, but I define that term broadly. I also hope that much of what is produced here will appeal to anyone with kids seeking to supplement or replace traditional school learning. Writing and reviews about all age groups is welcome. My own writing is likely to focus on AJ’s age group (he’s currently in kindergarten), since that’s the area with which I’m most familiar.

In terms of content, I hope to present periodic reviews of books, games, toys, websites, other activities. I also plan to write about some of the projects and games we invent for ourselves in hopes they might inspire others to try them to or to do some inventing of their own. And finally, I would like to see regular personal essays here. I envision a variety of subjects, and hope to solicit a few of you to write about your experiences for this page. Some ideas I’ve been thinking about: raising kids overseas; experience with Mensa, homeschooling vs. traditional schools vs. gifted schools; how do you talk about difficult subjects with your kids; getting what your children need from public schools; etc.

My inspirations for this site, aside from my own blogging about my son, have been brain/child magazine and Chicago Parent magazine as well as many e-mailed and guestbooked discussions with many of you.

I’m actively seeking writers. If you’re interested in writing a one-time essay or a regular feature, please contact me. And thanks to Claudia, who has agreed to write a book review and hopefully a monthly book review feature.

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