Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Onward and Upward

Today was AJ's last day of first grade. Among the million and one papers that came home were the results of the school administered standardized testing. He got every question on all the exams right. AJ and I are both sad to be leaving his teacher. We went back into the school to find her after the final bell and thanked her for all she had done (we also each made her a thank you card because I think these things are always good to put in writing). I told her about my meeting with the gifted teacher a couple of weeks ago and about how we were planning an education team meeting in the fall with AJ's new teacher and the gifted teacher and us. Mrs. M. volunteered to join us. I was thrilled. I had wanted to ask her, but had decided not to because she will be on maternity leave. Things are definitely looking up for next year. You can read a fuller account of today's events at spynotes.

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