Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Class lists

I am sticking close to my computer, stalking AJ's school website. The class lists are supposed to be posted in a half an hour.

AJ was remember when he was about to start kindergarten and we went up to the school in person for the posting of the lists. There was a big crowd of people, most of them his friends -- the kindergarten families without older children didn't yet have access to the website. They were the only ones who came in person. It was exciting and fun -- the official beginning of the end of summer. School starts one week from today.

I just checked again. The lists still aren't up.

I'm working on the folder I will bring to the meeting we are having tomorrow with AJ's (still phantom) teacher, the gifted teacher and the school principal. The school has asked for test scores and Mystery Teacher has asked for samples of his work. I distilled my long document into a much shorter one that lists our contact information, his reading level and interests and math skills, his test scores and an outline of the modifications that have been made in his curriculum in the past as well as a few things I'd like to see happen this year. I think I've decided to give the teacher copies of his dinosaur report and comic book and his water cycle lab journal -- an independent project he did over Christmas break. I'm also going to bring one example each of his reading contract, his advanced math packet and a spelling test so she can see and not just read about the modifications we made last year. I won't copy those, though, as I don't think she'll need to look at them that closely to see what they're about. At least I think it's a she.

It's past four. Still no lists posted. It's going to be a long afternoon.

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