Monday, April 27, 2009

Another check

No word yet from the principal on his conversation with the curriculum director, although I didn't really expect to hear from him before this afternoon. We did hear back from the psychologist today and I talked to her at length about the situation and about the testing options and procedures. I liked her and I think AJ will too. We made an appointment for 5/19 to take the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children), one of the most commonly used IQ tests. We could also have chosen the Stanford-Binet, but the psychologist recommended the WISC for AJ as its scoring tends to favor highly verbal children. It is an individually administered test that will take about 2 hours. AJ will be able to take breaks when he needs them and can bring a snack. Test administrators are allowed to prompt if the child doesn't answer right away and there are sample questions he can try for each section to make sure he understands the instructions. This will all be a big improvement over the OLSAT. Also, we will get the scores immediately and a more detailed written report a week or so later. There will also be a follow-up meeting, either in person or by phone, to go over the results and what they mean. This all sounds very good. The one drawback is the cost -- $425. So we're still hoping the school thing comes through, but it's nice to have a backup plan in place.

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